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Styrofoam packaging

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Protective packaging are used to keep secure

easily breakeable and fragile products.

The “KLONPAK” company is a producer of styrofoam products since 1978. We deal, among other things, in the production of all kinds of STYROPIAN PROTECTIVE PACKAGING.

Protective packaging used to pack fragile, vulnerable items such as:

– furniture

– electronic devices

– lighting components

– glass bottles

– glass jars

– cups

– cups, plates

– and all products that require protection

Styrofoam boxes are designed to secure goods during transport and storage of articles

At the customer’s request, we make all kinds of non-standard packaging designs, we work out patterns (in the price of the order) without a cash contribution to make very expensive forms. We make our packaging even in small quantities.

If you have any needs in this area, please send us drawings which you would like to pack and we will do the rest. I am asking you to send inquiries or orders by e-mail or by phone.

We guarantee high quality of workmanship.