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It is a pleasure to present to you Klonpak, the company of which I am the founder. KLONPAK is a privately – owned company with a long – standing tradition. Since its establishment in 1978 in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, it has produced Christmas tree decoratons, toys, hausehold supplies, lawn sprinklers, and Styrofoam packaging for domestic computer and printer manufacturers.

The company’s profile changed dramatically in 1983 when KLONPAK turned to manufacxturing constructionsupplies. The initial focus was on Styrofoam plastering tools: floats.

In time, the company mastered new technologies which allowed it to offer another top quality product: Styrofoam stuccowork perfectly imitating plaster. These easy-to-mount, light, finishing pieces can be used in both residential and office spaces for an excellent visual effect. Their advantages go beyond pure esthetics. Made of self-extinguishing CFC-free materials, the products are environmentally friendly. Their high quality is best evidenced by their success on international markets: 80 percent of our production is exported to Germany, France and Spain.

From the very conception of our company, we have adhered tothe principle of ensuring uncompromising product quality, competent servicing and have made unreleting efforts to meet even the moust unusual needs of our customers. You are welcome to work with us and take advantage of our long-time experience.